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GreenPoint EV is an Electric Vehicle charge point operator, specialising in commercial & multi-residential properties.

We operate an Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) platform - providing technology and energy supplier agnostic EV charging solutions.

GreenPoint EV can provide turn key solutions for businesses offering multiple payment options alongside robust charge points with high availability.

Our market leading dashboard provides strong MI for sustainability reporting.


Green Point EV can maximize available on site power, through dynamic load management, enabling a higher proportion of charge points across the site. Our multiple billing options and energy tariff integration ensure lowest cost charging.


Green Point EV can operate public charging points on behalf of businesses and local authorities. Our App with multiple billing options  provides an easy option for the landlord to offer cost effective charging to their patrons.


Maximize Chargers,
Minimize Cost

GreenPoint EV will work with you to understand your power requirements based on the current site capacity, anticipated number of charge points and behaviour of users.


We can provide solutions to capacity constraints as well as influencing the behaviour of users by enabling time of use pricing linked to the energy supplier of your choice.

GreenPoint EV have experience of dynamic load management and integrating multiple billing options to provide the most cost effective solution to the users.

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