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GreenPoint EV enables low cost solutions through maximising site capacity and providing multiple billing options.

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Without load management all available power is consumed instantly

Static load management allocates available power across charge points

Dynamic load management integrates with the site supply making more power available

Dynamic Load Management

Dynamic load management enables the integration of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure with the building electrical capacity.


At any given time, any capacity not being used by the building is available for electric vehicle charging.


Implementing dynamic load management saves on costly and time consuming network upgrades and allows the site to install many more charge points.

Multiple Billing Options

GreenPoint EV can offer multiple billing options to suit your customer requirements.

Pay As You Go - means the user pays for the energy they use as they use it, either through the GreenPoint EV app or Payter contactcless payment terminal. 

Post Paid - means GreenPoint EV can provide a periodic breakdown to the site host enabling them to re-charge the users.

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Customer Dashboard

Our customer dashboard provides valuable insights for both users and site owners. They can also be customised according to customer requirements.

The dashboard shows consumption over various time frames as well as local carbon intensity of the electricity grid.

The dashboard also calculates the emissions based on a standard set of assumptions enabling the site to report on their carbon footprint reduction.

Fully Managed Service

GreenPoint EV can take care of your complete charging solution.

As well as designing the system we can also provide communications, whether by Ethernet, SIM or WIFI.

GreenPoint EV also offer Customer Service support via our UK call centre, as well as a reactive maintenance service ensuring maximum availability of the charge points.

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