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  • How do I authorise a charge
    To start a charge you first of all need to add either a Token ID or a Payment Card (please use a credit card, we are developing functionality for a debit card). The Token ID is provided by GreenPoint EV. To enter these details go to the Settings tab by clicking on the cog icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • How do I start a charging session
    In the home screen select the charge point you would like to charge at. If the charge point has more than one connector, then select the connector from the drop down. Select the payment method (either Token ID or Card Payment) Press 'Start Charging' Once the charge session has started you will be directed to the charging screen, which will provide updates on the charging session.
  • How do I stop a charge
    To stop a charge simply press the 'Stop Charging' button in the charging screen. If you are not in the charging screen, to navigate back, select the green battery icon. If using a Token ID then you will be redircted back to the home screen instantly. If using a Card Payment then it will take a few seconds for the transaction to be processed. Please be patient and remain in the screen.
  • How do I see my transaction history
    To view your historical transactions, select the History icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • What is Smart Charging
    Smart charging enables you to charge when it's cheapest assuming the charger is linked to a time of use electricity tariff. In the Settings screen, simply select the times you would like the car to charge (starting with the end time) and then activate smart charging with the slider. The start and end times will be saved for future use. To start a charge go to the home screen and select your charge point as usual. The orange bar at the bottom will now say 'Schedule Charging' instead of 'Start Charging'. Press this button and the charger will charge per your schedule.
  • What does the green battery icon mean
    The battery icon at the bottom of the page turns green when there is an active charging session. If you click on the green battery icon it will navigate to the charging screen.
  • Battery icon is still green after stopping a charge
    If the battery icon remains green then try closing the app and re-opening. This should clear the cache and the battery icon will go back to its blue state.
  • Orange 'Start Charging' button says 'Stop Charging'
    If this occurs then you need to log off and log back in again as the transaction was not stopped properly within the app.
  • How often does the charging screen data update
    You can update the charging screen data (cost, kWh and time) every 30 minutes on the hour/half hour to see the progress of your charge. To refresh the screen simply drag down from the top.
  • How do I delete my account
    Select the 'Delete Account' link at the bottom of the Settings screen. Once pressed this will remove all data held including historical charging sessions.
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